MX 2016

Over the last two years, millions of refugees have come to Europe. A major challenge, in terms of housing as well. Many had to be housed in gyms or substandard container facilities. We have designed the MX 2016 to accommodate these people in a dignified and sustainable way. Unlike traditional container constructions, our modular solution is characterised by the following features:

- Compliance with EnEV and CE standards

- Sustainability thanks to the possibility of re-use and the inclusion of renewable energy

- Flexible floor plan with many possible variations

- Buildings can be easily modified or even moved

- All parts are recyclable

- Socio-educational knowledge (rooms for advisers, training rooms, etc.).

Our standard module accommodates 165 persons as this is the optimal occupancy level according to case-related studies. All minimum accommodation requirements for the refugees are met. However, the modular buildings can be offered in any size and shape. The MX2016 is used here just as an example.



Office equipment, furniture fpr the employees, as well as a conference table

Common room

Tables and chairs, as well as seating areas, television, storage shelves

Hospital room

Configuration according to legal terms, but without devices

Laundry room

Washing machines, dryers, ironing boards with irons, storage shelves

Internet room

Computer and internet rooms, including extra equipment with computers, printers, desks

Bicycle stands

Playground / Object

Child-oriented play-equipment set ecologicl standards, tillage with grassed area,
Playground-benches for supervisory staff and visitors, 
enclosed with wodden fence


Child-oriented play-equipment

Homework room

Equipment with desks and chairs, as well as computer with monitor

Garbage container

Garbage station for garbage cans

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