Creative, affordable and sustainable.

Modular construction means it is fast, efficient and cost-effective. All types of shapes and layouts are possible. Based on a steel skeleton construction, the custom-made modules are pushed into the steel frame and fixed into place. Every building is designed by an architect. The design makes anything possible. It can be converted or completely re-purposed at any time. The concept idea originates from the design of ship interiors which are also based on steel beam construction. Our partner STACO Ltd. is the world market leader. Hospitals and residential buildings have already been built in South Korea using this technology. It is compliant with all standards from the German Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV), building regulations and CE designations. Thanks to its origins in ship building, a high-level of sound proofing and fire protection is ensured.

Extending and adding another storey

Thanks to their lightweight construction, our modules are suitable for building extra living space on top of existing flat roofs such as parking garages or supermarkets.